The Photographer

Kat is a self-taught photographer from Sydney, Australia:

Predominantly a motorsport photographer & journalist, she spends most of her time between the famed racing circuits of Australia, Europe and the United States; on assignment for numerous international publications and racing teams. Her enthusiasm for motorsport continues to grow with every event; showing an even higher passion for vintage automobiles in particular. As an avid collector of vintage automobiles, it is a subject close to Kat’s heart.  Right at home amongst the octane-infused air of a racetrack, she has no qualms with being deafened by high-horsepower motors of all marques from dawn to dusk… purely to achieve the "perfect shot". The entertainment is merely a perk.

Most recently Kat has been working alongside a number of teams within the motorsport industry, including: ex-NASCAR/ prolific vintage Porsche driver Ron Goodman, travelling as part of his team to the coveted Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion in California, Rennsport Australia Festival and Tasman Trophy. She has also been published in a number of media outlets for her work regarding Ron’s career & vehicle rebuilds.
Kat is also the official photographer/ Media & Communications Manager at Strong Motorsport as they compete in the Kumho Tyre V8 Touring Cars Series in Australia

Previously Kat has also been comissioned to shoot numerous live music performances, weddings, events, Sydney-To-Hobart racing teams, professional surfers, prize-winning automobiles, press-realeases/ unveilings, highly revered event coverage and many other ventures. After an early start in the surf-photography scene at 16yrs old, she managed to secure a regular position photographing one of only 7 events on the Womens World Tour of Surfing and continued shooting this until her career took on a new direction towards the automotive & racing industries.


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